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Custom Surfboards by Tim Bessell

Hand crafted in San Diego, California.

What does Kelly Slater, Andy Irons and all other top professional surfers have in common? They all ride custom surfboards made by world class shapers. In fact ALL top athletes have custom equipment made especially for them. Bringing products to the mass market consists of overseas manufacturers copying designs for consumption. You don’t need to settle for an inferior quality surfboard. The best way to buy a surfboard is to custom order one just like the pros. Catch more waves, and surf like you never have before by riding a custom surfboard shaped especially for YOU. Check out Tim's most popular surfboards.

Whether you're new to surfing or you're a lifelong pro, a custom surfboard brings out the best in your surfing ability. We also have a large variety of pre-built surfboards ready to go, contact the shop for current inventory.

Designing your custom surfboard is easy, so don't worry if you have questions or you're not sure what you need. Just give us a call or stop by the shop, and Tim will be glad to help design your custom surfboard from scratch.

Contact Bessell to Order Your Custom Surfboard
Feel free to call or email with any questions, we look forward to helping you create the perfect custom surfboard
Tel: 858-344-7080

The new line:

This is the most advanced custom surfboard in the world today. The parabolic stringer combined with Tim’s patented carbon tape construction proves to be the most responsive hand made surfboard on the market. From beginners to champions this is the board of the future. Currently, prominent surfers such as Jon Roseman, , Shane Dorian, Chris and Dan Malloy, Debbie Beacham (world champ, 1987), Bryson Greaves, Gurney Collins, Granger Clark, Sean Madison, Ian O'Riordian, Zack Arreola, Hunter Johnson, Lucas Derkse and Skip Mccullan are riding and loving this board.

Tim’s story behind the line: “Inspired by Bert Burger’s Firewire line and a Ron Church photo of Corky Carol holding his parabolic in 1963, I decided to combine yesterday’s technology with today’s. And now it has come together as the best board I have ever made.”

Standard Configuration:
Length: 5’ 10’’'- 7'4”
Width: 18" - 21"
Thickness: 2" – 3"
Bottom: varies depending on model

Tail: squash, rounded pin, swallow
Fins: FCS, Future (Convertible). Available in tri fin and quad fin.

Glassing configuration (strength): competition, standard

Color: Custom color available

Available in: EPS, XTR, Polyurethane, 50/50 (EPS Core, XTR Rails)

Features and Benefits: The reflex features standard glassing and standard blanks. The key feature is the parabolic stringer which provides directional spring back for more responsive turns. The carbon composite stringer will increase the lifespan and help it from breaking in half. It is a board that will make you surf better. The future is here.

Aviso utilizes the most advanced composite construction techniques and materials and applies them to some of the Tim’s shapes. The Aviso team brings over 200 years of composite experience into this new board technology. The members of the team have been worked with composites primarily in the defense industry specializing in Radomes, which are covers fro radar or board banded electro-magnetic windows for radar on missile heads and nose cones for jet fighters. These parts, having to not only perform electrically but also have to be impact resistant to rain and other airborne particulate at speeds over 4,000 feet per second. Guess you can say this is rocket science. Prominent surfers such as David Nuuhiwa, Jon Roseman, Johnny Boy Gomes and Tomia Perry are currently riding this board.

Models available in Aviso Technology:
Modern Classic (9’2”)
Pocket Rocket (John Roseman Tube Master Model - 7’2’’ 18’ 2’1/2”)
Eliminator (6’8” and 6’10”)
Features and Benefits
The boards, made of carbon fiber, are completely hollow. The High Temp Fiber Placement Process allows them to be some of the lightest boards ever seen. There is nothing tying the top and bottom together except for the rails. This enables the deck and bottom to work and flex independently. This unique feature acts like suspension, launching you form one turn to the next.

Since the deck is not directly connected to the bottom, the deck absorbs and stores the energy from the rider, then propels you forward, allowing the board to be in an almost constant state of acceleration. All this time the bottom of the board keeps the rocker intended. Everything from paddling to driving down the line will take on a whole new perspective.



Shortboard Surfboards
Tim's high performance surfboards are used by world champs, top professionals, and dedicated amateurs. In every surfing condition - all over the world, your surfboard will take your surfing to a new level

Surfers like Luke Egan, Peter King, Jon Roseman, Brad Gerlach, David Nuuhiwa, Gary Propper, Shane Dorian, Tamayo Perry, Bif, The Malloy Brothers, Maria Del Mar, Cesar Siles, Jack Johnson, Adam D'esposito, Damien Leroy, Glen Winton, Vetea David, Ricky Irons, David MacAulay, Saxon Boucher, Debbie Melville Beacham, Ryder Mackey, Chris O'Rourke, Billy Choe, Simon Law, Juston Postin, Davis Eggars Davie Miller, Jorge Iglesias, Richard Kenvin, and more.

Surfboard "Guns"
Tim spent many years shaping surfboards in Hawaii, and has a reputation for creating some of the best "guns" in Southern California. If you need a tube riding pintail for your next surf travel adventure, or just need a bigger board for winter - Tim is the man.

Longboard Surfboards
From classic noseriders to small wave eggs, Tim shapes them all. Tested in waters all around the globe from France to Fiji, Wind n Sea to Cocoa Beach, Bessell longboards will keep you in the flow. Trust us - you need one.



How do I order a Custom Surfboard?
Stop by our shop, call 1-858-344-7080, and we will walk you through designing your custom board. Once your design is finalized, Tim will shape your board and that's it - pretty simple.

I'm not sure what kind of custom surfboard I need, can Tim help me decide?
Absolutely! The best thing about a custom surfboard is that Tim will work with you to create the perfect surfboard. Check out Tim's most popular models.

Do custom surfboards cost more?
NO! Most people think custom surfboards cost more, but that is NOT the case. A custom shaped surf board is the same price as a similar surfboard for sale "off the rack" at your local surf shop.

I have more questions!
No problem, give us a call at 1-858-344-7080, or stop by the factory:

Bessell Surfboards

Tel: 1-858-344-7080
515 Westbourne
La Jolla, California 92037
Located behind 7-Eleven at Windansea Beach
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Tim Bessell, Age: 18, La Jolla Cove, Balsa Gun


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