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Eliminator Surfboard Title Eliminator Surfboard Photo

Tim's most exciting surfboard yet! A high performance rocker combined with arched "vector channels", gives this board maximum responsiveness and drive.
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Microchip Shortboard Title
Microchip Shortboard Image

High Performance shortboard design at its best. Cutting edge outline with modern rocker and tail configurations to suit a variety of wave conditions.
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Fish Surfboard Title Fish Surfboard Image

Hybrid "fish" design with Bessell's unique volume placement. Perfect for cutting loose in small waves, or bigger surf. Loose feel with maximum speed.
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Smoking Gun Surfboard Title Gun Surfboard Image

Tim's guns are second to none. If you want extra control in bigger surf, a versitle travel board, or you plan to charge Pipline this winter - Tim can help.
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The most "User Friendly" Egg design in town. Whether you're new to surfing, or just need and versitle summer board for your quiver, feel the basic beat.
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Egg Fun Shape Surfboard Title Egg Fun Shape Surfboard Image

Old school Retro feel updated with today's modern performance features. Soft rails and a flatter rocker give you a smooth feel with speed to spare.
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Longboard Surfboard Title Longboard Surfboard Image

Performance longboard for the best So-Cal waves. Available with a variety of bottom and tail configurations for the perfect fit.
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Classic Longboard Title Classic Longboard Image

Classic longboard feel with all the trimmings. Soft rails and a laid-back bottom contours provide the glide missing in many modern longboard shapes.
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Performance Longboard Title Performance Longboard Image

Tim's ultimate high performance longboard. Modern rails, rocker and outlines provide the control and responsiveness experienced longboarders demand.
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