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Eliminator Design Eliminator Design The Eliminator

Tim's ultimate high performance shortboard. The Eliminator is our number one shortboard model. This board is by far the fastest, loosest board Tim has ever made. Great for the grommets all the way up to the big guys. Featuring the vector channel bottom. Great for two foot slop to ten foot perfection. Paddles like a longboard, but turns like a shortboard. 100% satisfaction guaranteed through an authorized dealer.
Tim’s story behind the model: “I wanted to make standard shortboard indicative of 80’s for speed and maneuverability. But I added a modern rail, rocker, and blew the board up beefier. I also added channels something Billy Caster and I worked on together to advance surfboard design.”

Standard Configuration:
Length: 5'0" - 8'
Width: 16" - 22"
Thickness: 1.5" - 3"
Bottom: Vector Channels
Tail: Swallow
Fins: Tri Fin, Quad Fin System
Color: Custom color available
Available in: Polyurethane, EPS, XTR, Aviso (Only in 6’10’’ and 6’8’’ but full range coming soon), 50/50 (EPS Core, XTR Rails)

Features and Benefits: This is the designer’s choice featuring a swallow tail, which is the loosest tail for carving to slashing. Full concave from nose to tail, 3 inch parallel pad providing lift under the fin making board rise up for more pop. The vector bottom gives you speed and maneuverability, fastest loosest board. It is a must have in the quiver.

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