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Circa 60's Design The Circa 60s Longboard


1970s world champion David Nuuhiwa and Tim Bessell have collaborated to design the modern Nuuhiwa nose-riding model.This design takes the classic lines from the past with a modern influence to bring you what David believes is the best nose-riding model he has ever ridden. Available in custom sizes to fit your nose-riding needs. All the Nuuhiwa models are personally finished by Tim Bessell.

Standard Configuration:
Length: 8'-11'
Width: 21" - 23"
Thickness: 2.5" - 3.5"
Bottom: Concave with roll to v
Tail: Square
Rails: 50/50 to down
Fins: Glass on or Box
Color: Custom color available
Stringers: Any
Available in: Polyurethane

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Custom Surboards

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Custom Surboards


arrow_mini Balsa Retro
arrow_mini David Nuuhiwa Model


Circa 60s
arrow_mini Classic
arrow_mini G2
arrow_mini Modern Classic
arrow_mini Aviso Longboard
arrow_mini La Paloma
arrow_mini Competition Longboard
arrow_mini Rhino Chaser
arrow_mini Basic Beat
arrow_mini Magic Carpet
arrow_mini Pocket Rocket
arrow_mini Pocket Rocket Aviso
arrow_mini The Eliminator
arrow_mini Aviso Eliminator
arrow_mini Reflex
arrow_mini Rocket Fish
arrow_mini Macrochip
arrow_mini Microchip
arrow_min V8 Special
arrow_mini Kissing Fish
arrow_mini Flying Fish

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